Why should you entrust your prized collection to Fort Locks? Our company is a family owned business that understands how hard it is to let go of things that have a special meaning for you. 

We understand the need to keep these mementos because as a family we do have some items that we also cherish. This is why we have put up this storage rental unit so that you can have a zen space at your home and keep the clutter or keepsakes in another place. 

Since this is a family run business, we also had our fair share of antique collections that has been passed on from one generation to another. We know that not everyone is keen to keep these in their homes so we figure we can have a storage unit rented so that the upcoming generation, if possible, can still learn the history of each piece and why it is important to keep it. 

Fort Locks also understands that with the recent climate changes, collectors find it difficult to have a place where they can house their collection without worrying about the piece being damaged because of varying temperature conditions. This is why the climate controlled storage units are made for these type of items that are somewhat fragile and cannot endure the ever-changing weather. 

We, at Fort Locks, love what we do and we share your passion in collecting and keeping items just because. Do not hesitate to give us a call and ask us how you can avail of these storage units.

To learn more about how you can benefit from top quality climate control storage Ithaca clients love, please give us a call at (607) 277-3700 or email us at manager@fortlocks.biz today!

In 1987 Michael Hovanec opened one of the first mini-storage facilities in Ithaca, NY. Located on NYS 96B, only 3.5 miles from Ithaca College.  Fort Locks was an immediate success.  Michael began expanding to accommodate the growing storage needs of the discerning populace.  In 2009 ‘state-of-the-art’ Climate Control buildings were added with a double layer of security. Fort Locks now has 27,800 SF of clean, easy access storage space of which 19,000 SF is climate controlled. Fort Locks is a paved, clean and premier facility for the judicious tenant. We are a family owned business; storage experts in the Ithaca area for homeowners & businesses.